• The towns built by Mussolini and their political legacy
    At the end of the 19th century, a Prussian officer had an idea to build a water collection system beneath the mountains in modern day Latina Province, Italy, very close to Rome. The idea was to collect the water before this settles down and prevent it from stagnating in what are known as the Pontine Marshes, with the collected water being then pumped in to the Mediterranean.
  • What you have to go through to check if you can travel to Malta during COVID-19
    The Health Authorities in Malta have been promoting the use of the ‘traveltomalta.gov.mt‘ website for those wishing to travel to the country during the COVID-19 pandemic. Both nationals and non-nationals are encouraged to visit the website to confirm that they can indeed travel to Malta, and if so, the documents they need to present in […]
  • A Hacker News-inspired aggregator built with Softr.io
    Hacker News has been a fascination of mine since I discovered it several years ago, and today it has become part of my morning routine. Through the site, I discovered countless interesting articles and ideas, and the most read article on this site also owes its success to the millions of Hacker News readers. On […]
  • Tim Ferriss and the Art of Online Conversations
    Over the past few years, you might have noticed an increase in the popularity of podcasts and the creation of audio-based content. Producing a podcast today is considered an essential networking and promotional tool. Major news networks, entrepreneurs, and politicians all want to be on podcast shows to deliver their message or sell a product. […]
  • Micro-level History
    I was recently having a conversation with a Spanish friend about the Spanish Civil War of the 1930’s. While I was interested in better understanding the bigger picture of this historical period – how the civil war was fought, who won or lost, how did it start and why, I was also very much intrigued […]
  • The Reverse Estonia
    This is a review of the ‘How to Start a New Country’ piece by Balaji S. Srinivasan, which highlights possible pathways to a country founded and built online, and later also owning physical territory. I call this ‘the Reverse Estonia’, as the country has been on a similar path in reverse since the late 1990s. […]
  • Maltese Political Parties’ Share of Parliamentary Seats, 1921 – 2017
    In a recent post, I visualised the number of first count votes received by Maltese political parties since the 1921 national election. This time, I created the above visualisation to show the composition of the Maltese Parliament immediately after every election for the same 1921-2017 period. One can note how historical events such as World […]
  • The Barack Obama technique for making tough decisions
    Over the past years, the definition of leadership has changed. We used to think of leadership as a trait associated with one’s title or hierarchical position within a company or an organisation. Today, we think of leadership as a social process that mixes individual desires and the group’s needs towards a specific goal. It is […]
  • How to start your own country in four steps
    On 16th June 2014, Jeremiah Heaton declared 2,060km2 of arid land in Africa as the Kingdom of North Sudan, after promising his daughter that one day she would become a Princess. Heaton, a farmer from the US state of Virginia, had been looking for unclaimed territory around the world and after some research settled on […]
  • First count votes in Parliamentary Elections in Malta – 1921-2017
    Malta is required to hold a General Election to elect Members of Parliament every 5 years. Elections are conducted using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) method, which is regarded as one of the fairest ways to transfer the wishes of the electorate into parliamentary seats, in a more representational manner. The graphic representation above shows […]